The Young Photographer’s Activity Book

The Young Photographer’s Activity Book



Creating Instead of Taking Pictures – Fun Photography Activities for Kids Including Photo Projects and … Creating Pictures – The Young Photographer .

Photo projects to help your young photographer to become more intentional in creating images instead of just simply taking pictures.
Fun Activites: word search, definition matching, photo projects, coloring.
Copy and tape 4×6 print boxes for reflection and comments



This book is aimed towards helping your young photographer become more intentional in their photographic art process. This includes awareness in lighting, composition, location scouting, and the thought process behind creating. Learning how to critique your own work is also highly beneficial to growth, development, and critical thinking.

Executing projects that involves a thoughtful process rather than just snapping an image will help transform your young photographer to not only create better images, but appreciate their work even more. The projects will also help your young photographer get their feet wet in different areas of photography, which in turn they can figure out what they like most and pursue it.

Printing the images they capture is extremely important as it is something tangible they can hold and value more knowing they created this. This also allows for the process in speaking about your photography work and sharing it with friends and family.