California mother, daughter arrested after woman dies from unlicensed body augmentation procedure

A mother and daughter accused of performing unlicensed body augmentation procedures that caused the death of a woman in 2019 were arrested on suspicion of murder, the Los Angeles Police Department said Tuesday, Sept. 21.

Libby Adame, 51, and Alicia Galaz, 23, were arrested on Aug. 5 in the 5700 block of Baldwin Avenue in Riverside, the LAPD said in a press release. The two are accused of causing the Oct. 15, 2019, death of a woman through an “outlaw” procedure at a non-medical facility, police said.

Information on the victim, including the victim’s identity, was not immediately available from police.

The procedure involved injecting an uncontained liquid silicone substance into the victim, the LAPD said. This procedure is commonly known as a “butt lift.” Police said injecting uncontained silicone into the body has the consequences of the liquid entering the blood stream and creating embolisms that can result in serious illness or death, authorities said.

Adame and Galaz fled the scene of the procedure without informing paramedics of the cosmetic procedure in order for proper lifesaving measures to be taken, the LAPD said. The victim later died in an emergency room while physicians were unaware of the silicone injection, police said.

The exact location of the procedure was not immediately known.

The LAPD described these procedures as being “inherently unsafe” and unapproved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Neither Galaz nor Adame were licensed medical providers in the state and would recruit their clients through Instagram, police said.